Wimborne Centrefold


Brown Warmblood Gelding mature 16.3hh+

Sire: Contenda (IMP) (Contendro 1/Bolero)

Dam : Wimborne Supermodel (S.C Dorado/Vivaldi)

Photos above at 2 years of age, photos below at 4 years old just broken in

Video footage of Wimborne Centrefold at 2 years old

Video Footage of Wimborne Centerfold at rising 4 years old

Video footage at 4 years old with 5 weeks under saddle

Wimborne Centrefold is a superstar for the future. Centrefold is a rising 5 year old gelding who has the potential to reach the highest level in any of the olympic disciplines and it is for this reason that he is for sale only to the most ambitious of competition homes.

Wimborne Centrefold has been extensively handled as a youngster, including being long reined around the property and light backing as a 3.5 year old. We have allowed him to mature to a 4 year old prior to completing the breaking in process this winter. His ridden work is progressing well as you can see from the video footage above filmed after only 5 weeks under saddle. Ongoing training under saddle is by 4 star event rider, Cassie Webb.

Centrefold is an excellent young horse competition prospect for the ambitious rider. He is highly trainable and has a wonderful brain that learns quickly and simply and just wants to please.

At the 2009 ACE assessment tour, Wimborne Centrefold was the highest scoring yearling (both male and female) in Australia. This assessment was carried out nationwide by guest German Warmblood Assessor, Gerd Kuest. Marks are awarded for conformation and movement.

Wimborne Centrefold has movement that needs to be seen to be believed. His elevated,light and expressive trot floats, almost without touching the ground - add onto this a huge overtrack in a long relaxed walk and an uphill bounding canter and you have a horse with unlimited dressage potential. Wimborne Centrefold's pedigree is full of elite level dressage performers and producers such as Bolero, Valuta and Vivaldi. In the right hands, Wimborne Centrefold promises to carry on their legacy.

 Bolero Bolero

Wimborne Centrefold's pedigree and freejumping technique also suggests that he will be as at home in the elite showjumping or eventing arena as becoming a top level dressage horse. Wimborne Centrefold's pedigree includes great dual purpose and jumping sires such as Contenda (imp),Contendro 1, Calypso 11,Contender, Cor de La Bryere, Salute, Ludendorf, Daktylus and Domingo.

 Contendro 1

Photos left to right: Contenda (imp), Contenda (imp),Contendro 1

Contender Cor de La Bryere Salute

Photos from left to right: Contender, Cor De La Bryere,Salute (imp)

Wimborne Centrefold is an extremely friendly youngster with showhorse good looks and an uncanny resemblance of his worldclass sire line. He is very calm and relaxed around humans and is always a pleasure to do anything with. Centrefold is easy to float, rug, catch, stand for the farriar and tie up.



Contenda (imp)

Contendro 1

St. Pr. H 
Calypso II
Bravo Reichsgraf
Ballerina Bolero Black Sky XX
St. Pr Lexa Lugano I
S. Pr. Fliegerpost
Southern Cross
Stirling Lenely (Ludendorf(imp))
Domingo (Dakytlus(imp))
Foxcroft Douceur X
Four seasons
Vivaldi Valuta(imp)
Suzerama XX
Christadorf Ludendorf(imp)


Sold to Sarah Lock of South Australia

*Prices of youngstock are subject to change as they mature and training advances