Price Guide

Price Guide*

Category A   up to $16 500

Category B   $16 500 - $22 000

Category C  $22 000 - $33 000

Category D  $33 000 - $44 000

Category E  $44 000 plus

Prices include GST

We have invested a lifetime of knowledge plus countless hours of time,effort and care into producing our quality purposebred horses. This  involves a significant upfront financial investment from the stud. Due to market constraints all of our horses are priced well below their true production cost. When agreeing to sell any of our horses we are looking for the right home for each one . The right home is a good fit in the ability, goals and experience of the prosepctive purchaser with the talents and characteristics of the particular horse. The right home also respects and values the asking price of our horses.

Would you really love to own a Wimborne horse like the ones you've seen but do not have the upfront funds needed to buy one ?

If the answer is yes then click here to find out how you can own a Wimborne horse with just $2000 upfront followed by an interest free payment plan starting from as little as $140 per week.

*Please note that prices of our youngstock are subject to change at any time as they age and their training progresses