Design A Foal Program

Design your own SUPERSTAR and your dreams can come true

Would you like to own a once in a lifetime horse for dressage, eventing, showjumping or showing?Or maybe one that is versatile enough to be competitive in any or all of these disciplines?

Do you dream of owning a really good horse that won't limit you from reaching your goals, maybe even take you all the way to the top? 

Would you love to have a horse that has not been spoilt by previous owners or past experiences? A horse that you can shape and mould into anything you would like them to be?

Would you like the thrill, anticipation and excitement of being involved with your horse from the very start? Where you get to select the dam and sire of your dream horse? Where you get to choose how your horse is bred, raised, handled and trained?

Maybe you simply do not have a quality mare to breed from?

Can you afford the week to week expenses associated with owning a horse but you feel as though the possibility of purchasing your dream horse is simply out of your budget?

Would you like to own a horse like any of these pictured below?


 If you answered YES to any of the questions above then you are closer than you think  to owning your dream horse!

Let us show you how we can make your dreams come true.

Wimborne Park Stud is very proud to have produced many quality horses over the last 3 decades. 

Our secret to our success has been our strong belief that to produce an outstanding foal is to have not just a outstanding stallion but also an outstanding mare. 

At Wimborne Park Stud, we have been have purpose breeding our broodmare band for over 30 years.During this time we have selected and retained the best mares to be the foundation of our stud - we regard these mares as the magic ingredient to the reliable quality and success of the horses we have produced.

We pride our mares not only on their individual quality but also on the quality of each generation in their pedigree - this gives them highly valuable depth of breeding. Depth of breeding is so important in producing quality progeny as the genes expressed in any foal can readily come from anywhere in the last 4 to 5 generations - not just directly from the parents.

Depth of breeding is equally important in your selection of both the stallion and the mare and comes with years of selective breeding.

Every bloodline that we have introduced into our broodmare band has been thoroughly researched and carefully selected on the basis of both the individual stallions own performance and also the reliability and quality of their progeny. Temperament, ridability, verstaility have been forefront in the traits that we have selected for.In taking this approach we are proud that our mares carry many of the worlds most successful bloodlines through several generations of their pedigrees.

All our mares have undergone mare classification with the Australian Warmblood Association.Mare classification assesses the quality of each mare based on conformation, movement and overall impression. Everyone of our mares has been awarded the highest possible ranking of either Head Stud Book or Grade A status.

Our Designer Foal Program gives breeders the opportunity to fastrack their breeding program by benefiting from the use of our purposebred broodmre band and lifetime's worth of expeience in breeding and raising foals.

STEP 1.You choose the sire and dam of your dream horse from our select band of quality purposebred horses.

Choose your sire 

Contenda (Contendro 1/Bolero)  The ultimate Sporthorse Sire


Remembrance Day (Flamboyant XX/Ludendorf)


Wimborne Confederate (Contenda x Stedinger)


Wimborne Courgeous ( Contenda x Vivaldi)


Choose your dam

We have 8 mares to choose from ranging in height from 15.2 - 17.0hh. Our mares are all purposebred and carry worldclass proven performance bloodlines such as Stedinger, Gribaldi, Escudo 1,Donnerhall, Contendro 1, Bolero. Pommery. If you pefer proven Australian performance bred bloodlines we have mares carrying the bloodlines of Flamboyant XX, Poetry in Motion, Vivaldi, Valuta, Salute, Daktylus and Maroomba Who (ASH - Abbey/Radium). Most of our mares have already produced outstanding progeny that are competing successfully with their owners.


STEP 2. We do all the hard work for you!

  • We do all the vet work involved in putting your mare of choice in foal to your stallion of choice.
  • A Live Foal Guarantee and Pregnancy Guarantee are part of the package.
  • We care for the mare whilst she is pregnant including agistment with specialised nutrition for pregnant mares, farrier, worming and vet care.
  • We foal the mare down using foaling alarms with a veterinarian in attendance.
  • We care for the mare and foal until the foal is weaned at 5 - 6 months of age including regular worming and vaccinations of your foal.
  • We provide basic handling for your foal using highly experienced foal handlers so he or she has the best start to life
  • You take your foal home with you around 6 months of age
  • Ongoing agistment for your foal can be provided at very affordable rates if required


STEP 3. Payment is made by an affordable weekly payment plan.

  • Payment is made on a payment plan basis that is spread out over 18 months with weekly instalments 
  • Payments only start once your chosen mare has a positive pregnancy test to your stallion of choice.


Want to know more?

Contact us for more details including availability of mares and pricing of your dream combination.

Book early to ensure you secure your perfect combination as once a mare is booked she will not be available until the following season.

All bookings for this season must be made by 31st December.