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Bindara Nureyev


Melbourne Royal Champion and Top 10 Grand National Hack


Name: Bindara Nureyev

Stable name:  Rudi

Breeding: Contenda (imp) x Waterview Park Mariana (Moselfischer/Silky Baby XX)

Age: 9 years

Sex: Gelding

Height: 16 hands

Breeder : Merran Socha

Owner and rider: Merran Socha


We interviewed breeder and owner/rider Merran Socha about her beautiful show and dressage horse, Bindara Nureyev.


What have been your highlights with Bindara Nureyev to date?

Probably being in the Top 10 at the Grand National Saddle Horse titles in the Show Hunter category although Champion Ridden Warmblood at the 2014 Melbourne Royal would rate pretty highly especially as his mother had won the same award in 2010.  Qualifying for and competing in the 5 year old class at Dressage with the Stars.  We might have finished midfield but it was a fantastic moment as an amateur owner/breeder.

Where to next?

I will always do a bit of showing with Rudi but I certainly intend to do more dressage.  (Once a showie always a bit of a showie) Showing is easy for him – dressage is the challenge that satisfies me.  He is working all the advanced movements at home so we are now working at putting them all together in the competition environment. That is code for the rider needs to sharpen her reflexes.  He is competing at Elementary at the moment and is definitely capable of much more.

What do you feel is Bindara Nureyev's best quality?

 A rare combination of great temperament and that elusive show ring presence. At a show last week a friend decided she wanted to go in her riding class so I offered her Rudi. Just as the class began a crop duster flew very low over the ground scattering horses all over the place but Rudi just kept going with just a flick of his ear towards the errant plane. Often a horse that has the real look at me show ring sparkle can be a handful to ride but Rudi is incredibly reliable in the ring but still commands the ring. 

What would you change about Centenda if you could?

I would add a white sock to his off fore.

 You were the first person in Australia to breed your mare to the newly imported Contenda. Why did you first decide to breed and what made you so sure Contenda was the right stallion for your mare?

When I decided to use Contenda I was pretty naïve when it came to warmblood bloodlines.  However, I believe very strongly in good conformation being the foundation of a good horse and inspection of Contenda did not disappoint.  Probably talking about his bone gives away my age a bit as I don’t hear it mentioned much these days but when I saw him I was struck by what I would call his good flat bone. My mare is very pretty but to improve on her I was looking for a stallion that was refined and elegant and once again I felt Contenda met those requirements.

 What do you like best about riding a homebred horse?

I know everything about Rudi and it’s always a proud moment to be riding a horse that carries your stud prefix

 You have just had a full brother to Rudi born, Bindara Chancellor. Why did you decide to breed Molly back to Contenda? 

Molly has had two foals since she had Rudi and I have come back to Contenda as I think he was by far the best cross for her.  I was a bit apprehensive putting her back as the foal is always going to be compared to Rudi, but I don’t think that is going to be problem. We are thrilled with Charlie who is very like Rudi but might be going to be just a little taller and I now have the 4 white socks I’ve been after! 



Photo above is Bindara Nureyev's sire, Contenda training at home with Christopher Burton 



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