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A rising star of the Queensland showjumping circuit.
Name: Centenda
Stable name:  Jaspa
Breeding: Contenda (imp) x Raynor Park Geneva (TB)
Age: 6 years
Sex: Gelding
Height: 16.1 1/2 hands
Breeder : Karlee McKay
Owner and rider: Karlee McKay
We interviewed breeder and owner/rider Karlee McKay about her amazing young horse, Centenda.
What have been your highlights with Centenda to date?
The most recent highlight is winning the 1.15m Championship at Coobulture World Cup in August this year from around 130 to 140 entrants.
We also started in our first Futures Stars class, Jaspa jumped clear in the first round at 1.20m and then just clipped a back rail of an oxer in the1.30m second round to finish with 1 rail down.
Jaspa has had an incredibly consistent year winning at every big show that we have attended. He currently has 42 points in the Young Horse Showjumping series after only a very limited number of outings - I would have to say he is the most consistent young horse in Queensland at the moment.
Where to next?
I would like to aim to qualify Jaspa for the 6 year old Championships at the Australian Championships in Werribee. We will also continue doing the Future Stars  Series and hopefully ultimately the mini prix and grand prix. However, for now I just want to take it one year at a time.
What do you feel are Centenda's best qualities?
Jaspa is both remarkably careful and brave at the same time. He is always trying for me. He is also a really adjustable horse coming into a jump, I can change his strides if I need to and he just does it. In many ways Jaspa rides like an older horse over the jump - he is always very straight.
What would you change about Centenda if you could?
Maybe I would have kept him a colt! 
What prompted you to breed Centenda all those years ago?
I couldn't afford to buy my ideal horse so I decided to breed one for myself. I owned a TB mare who had good technique for jumping but was very hot out on course. I was actually hoping that putting her in foal would help cool her down, but it didn't! I had seen Contenda advertised in the Horse Deals magazine as a young horse and loved his conformation and looks, I thought he would compliment my mare really well. I then watched his video footage loved his movement and the way he jumped.From the video I  thought his temperament looked quite cool which I needed for my mare. I did a bit more research looking back 5 generations into Contenda's pedigree and saw how the conformation and type was consistent at every generation. I then bred my mare to Contenda and got a colt that looks just the same as him!
What do you like best about riding a homebred horse?
I think it is knowing that every success you have with the horse has been self produced, starting from the selection of the breeding, the handling and breaking in up to competing in your first 1.20m class. It is very rewarding and self satisfying.Jaspa and I also have a really special bond as I have been there with him from his first day. Jaspa can be in a 10 acre paddock and I call him and he will come galloping down to see me. He also really looks to me for reassurance, if he gets a little anxious he will turn around and nuzzle me and I will pat him to let him know he will be OK. He really responds to this. Jaspa is really bonded to me and is different with everyone else.
Another advantage of riding a homebred horse is that the horse tends to suit you better as a rider as you have been the only one working with them form the start.You fit each other and understand each other really well. It is a very different ride compared to getting on a horse that has been produced by someone else.
Centenda's sire, Contenda, competing in 1.25 showjumping class with Christopher Burton


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